Jen Flatt Osborn

Pet Copywriter and Content Writer

 You'll love the words I put in your mouth!

Persuasiveness - I write to persuade your customers to take action. 
Integrity - I was raised to be honest. And that's always a trait you can expect from me.
Passion - I love what I do and it shows.
Grammar and punctuation - There won't be a lot to be cleaned up so the focus can stay on the work we've set out to do.

Determination - I am determined to get it right and if it takes a few edits, that's what you'll get.

Diversity - I can create web copy, proofread your documents, and send communications to your customers.
The experience - The process will be memorable and enjoyable.

Professionalism - Always. 

Consistency - You'll have the same positive experience each time we work together.
Ease - After a couple of relaxed, instructional calls, our interactions will continue to be easy while giving you clarity.

Expertise - I've been writing for 40 years. Press releases, speeches, emails, blogs, and proofreading/editing are specific areas I've studied and I thoroughly enjoy bringing them to life.

 I'm so glad you're here.

As long as I have a pen and a pet, life is good.

I don't remember a life without animals. As a little girl, I rescued turtles, frogs, puppies, kittens, anything with fur, fins, or feathers.

Much to my mother's chagrin.

And it never stopped. In the 2000's, I was the founder/ director of an animal sanctuary called On The Fifth Day -- a 501(c)3 -- for 12 years.

What this means hit the jackpot. You found an expert writer, a trained copywriter, and a proofreader with a massive heart for animals. Someone who wants YOU to succeed so you can focus on the things you want to.

My sister calls me Mrs. Doolittle and I will say, she must have seen the fur on my clothes.   

When you hire me as a copywriter, you'll get a whole lot more.

Allow me to get your website copy looking snazzy, create a blog for you, proofread your documents, and talk about your future. 

You don't have time to even think so shuffle those projects my way and get them off your plate! When you're less stressed so are employees and even the animals. Contact me by clicking on the button below, answer three questions, and you're on your way to being organized, having more time, and being proud of your digital marketing!  

Previous Occupations:

Freelance Writer

Music Industry Executive

Professional Singer

Sole female writer at sports newspaper

Junior Publicist.

Animal Sanctuary Founder/Director

Owner -- Organized Chaos

Professional Organizer